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Piezofilms lab amplifier

Image Piezo Lab Amp

The Piezo Film Lab Amplifier is a versatile preamplifier for use with Piezoelectric sensors. The electric signal from the piezo film is generated within the electrodes of a capacitor. It is important to arrange an input that controls the rate of charge leakage appropriately for the application.

Simply connecting a piezo film element to the input of an oscilloscope will usually create a high-pass filter that removes any low frequency content of the original piezo signal, and this can lead to disappointment or incorrect evaluation of the material's true potential.

This has led the development of a Piezo Film Lab Amp, specifically aimed at developers and engineers exploring the material. Both first-time users and seasoned professionals will benefit from the wide range of sensitivity adjustment in either voltage or charge modes, and the functionality of the high- and low-pass filters.


  • Charge or Voltage Mode Operation
  • BNC Input and Output
  • 0.01 to 1000 mV/pC Sensitivity Range in Charge Mode
  • 1M to 1G Input Resistance, -40 to 40dB Gain in Voltage Mode
  • Multi-Pole, Low-Pass and High-Pass Filtering with -3dB Frequencies Ranging from 0.1Hz to 100kHz
  • Internal Battery (2 x 9V) or external 24VDC Power Supply Operation
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Response to 0.1Hz
  • Active HP and LP Filters


  • Low Frequency Dynamic Strain
  • Pyroelectric Signals
  • Audio-band and Acoustic Signals
  • Machine Vibration
  • Piezo Cable and Traffic Sensor Interface