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LVDT Sensor XS-ZTR Series

Image XS-ZTR

The XS-ZTR Series LVDT is designed for measuring displacement at very high and cryogenic temperatures.

The XS-ZTR operates continuously at 550°C and will survive 650°C for several hours.

The XSZTR is also designed to perform within specification after exposure to a total integrated flux of 1011 rads gamma or 3 x 1020 NVT.

The XS-ZTR is made exclusively from inorganic materials, principally metals and ceramics.

Windings are of ceramic insulated precious metal alloys; joints are welded or brazed with high temperature alloys. Leads are sheathed in stainless steel.

Conductors are typically nickel with magnesium oxide insulation. Materials are selected to have compatible expansion coefficients in order to minimize thermal stresses.

Most inorganic insulations are hygroscopic so the entire coil assembly is weld sealed into a stainless steel shell.

This process prevents moisture accumulation and insulation leakage. It also seals out hostile surrounding media while permitting the core to move freely.

The cable can be terminated by a sealed header or connector when required. Nuclear Radiation Resistant LVDT XS-ZTR Series For moderate temperature and radiation applications, consider the HR or HCA LVDTs (with 080 option), or the MHR series (with special order vented case).


  • Withstands Total Integrated Neutron Flux Levels to 3 x 1020 NVT
  • Withstands total integrated radiation of 1011 rads or 109 gray
  • Suitable For Continuous Operation From -320°F (-195°C) Up to 1022°F (550°C)
  • Survives Non-Operating Temperatures Up to 1200°F (650°C)
  • Special Temperature Calibrations Available
  • Calibration Certificates Supplied with All Models


  • Material Testing in Pressurized Autoclaves
  • Nuclear Reactor Containment Vessel Bolt Tension
  • Cryogenic Medicine
  • Space Research
  • Jet Engine Gimbal Position Feedback
  • Roll Gap On Steel Hot Strip and Slabbing Mills