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Specialties solutions

  • Commutator profile inspection and analysis system
  • Fusion strengtg index measurement on large EPS blocks
  • Long term tensile strength measurement system
  • Breaking disc run-out analysis system
  • Non-contact deep feature measurement on auto pistons
  • Deep hole internal diameter inspection system
  • Internal diameter inspecion on motor block
  • Complex dimensional inspection on crankshaft
  • Strength fusion index inspecion on technical EPS parts

Specialties measurement solutions designed to solve complex inspection problems. These solutions were initially case studies that evolved to full featured equipments and software. Custom designs are available under request.

  • Smart Pneumatic Valve P10 Series

    • Integrated solution for air opening and closing control in pneumatic applications
    • Multiple operating modes: follower, bistable, timer and slave
    • Individual timers
    • Compatible with high-precision dimensional measurement systems based on air or air-electronic principle
    • Compatible with wide range of proximity and dry contact sensors
    • Low standby power requirement
    • Inputs and outputs available for interfacing with other automation systems
    • Modular design with T8 mounting slots
    • Integrated power supply
    • Robust aluminum and stainless steel construction

    Image P10
  • M20-EPS fusion strength column tester

    • Complete solution for measurement of fusion strength index of EPS (expanded polystyrene) parts and other low density expanded thermoplastic parts
    • Indication of instantaneous local index, mean value and standard deviation
    • Onboard data acquisition and multi configuration capabilities.
    • USB, RS232 and parallel I/O interfaces.
    • Multicolor bargraph visualization and alphanumerical LCD display.

    Image M20-EPS