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Metrolog SIAD S050315B software

Image SIAD S050315B

Metrolog SIAD S050315B software was designed to acquire and process dimensional data from DC Motor commutators, allowing measurement comparison between two different scans. This unique capability allows clear identification of dimensional changes in a commutator before and after thermal stress, machining or any other production/test procedure.

The software uses an SD20-LVDT signal conditioner and an LVDT sensor to scan the surface of the commutator, being able to detect and measure its diameter, gaps heights, gaps unevenness and global runout error. Embedded data processing and analytics are able to automatically segment gaps, remove surface roughness noise and compare the results to pre-defined tolerance levels. The easy to sight approval/reproval indication allows use in production lines for quick quality inspection.


  • Allow easy integration on most measurement fixtures
  • Flexible software parametrization
  • Detection of individual segments and dimensional relationships between them
  • Segment edge detection and removal
  • Visual roughness indication
  • Outside diameter and runout measurements
  • Comparison of two different scans with dimensional differences highlight
  • Additional features can be added to the software, based on the application requirements
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Windows system compatible
  • Simple measurement hardware (SD20-LVDT and an LVDT sensor)
  • Only one USB 2.0 port required

Typical integration

The SIAD S050315B connects to a Metrolog SD20-LVDT signal conditioner acquire data for processing. It also uses the SD20-LVDT digital output port to signal the motor driver to start and stop.

Below a typical integration retrofit, where the mechanical structure and motor of a Mahr MMQ10 formtester was integrated with the SD20-LVDT and the SIAD software.


SIAD S270912D typical integration


Video and screenshots

Software demonstration (data acquisition and processing show in real time).


Data acquisition and analysis of an 8 segment DC motor commutator. First scan.

8 segment commutator


Data acquisition and analysis of an 8 segment DC motor commutator. Second scan.

12 segment commutator


Comparative analysis between the two performed scans. Dimensional shift of consecutive segment heights are identified and presented.

16 segment commutator