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Air-Electronic Signal Conditioner SD20p

Image SD20p

The Metrolog SD20p conditioner is a high performance signal conditioner for industrial, laboratory and research applications

Its primary function allows direct conversion of pneumatic measurement gages (air plugs, air rings, snap gages, among others) to 1Vpp/TTL incremental signal or to RS232/USB communication interface.


  • Full digital air conditioner, without analog or pneumatic adjustment requirements.
  • High stability and typical working resolution of 0.1µm..
  • Internal and external calibration capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art signal conditioner featuring a 24-bit high precision A/D converter and adjustable digital filters.
  • Open communication protocol, allowing user application development and connectivity with many commercial software.
  • Compatible with programmable logic controllers (PLC) with available input for incremental quadrature signals (1Vpp or TTL standard), typically used with linear and rotary encoders.
  • Compatible with Heidenhain readouts (Gage-Chek, Quadra-Chek, ND287, among others) with available input for incremental quadrature signals (1Vpp or TTL standard)
  • Compatible with Metrolog M20-4E measurement column.
  • Compatible with microcomputers and other equipment with RS232 or USB ports.

Technical Specifications

  • Communication interface, model SD20p-1Vpp/TTL: 1Vpp incremental sinusoidal quadrature output or TTL incremental quadrature output (user selectable). Integrated male DB15 connector
  • Communication interface, model SD20p-RS232: RS232-C asynchronous serial communication interface, EIA-RS232 (V.24). Integrated female DB9 connector and auxiliary cable
  • Communication interface, model SD20p-USB: USB 2.0 synchronous serial communication interface. Integrated type A USB connector
  • Compatibility: most air measurement tools, such as air plugs, air rings and air snaps.
  • Adjustable primary digital FIR filter and secondary MA filter
  • Analog to digital converter: High performance 24-bit ADC with high precision voltage reference. Selectable acquisition rate of 10 or 80 samples/s
  • External calibration for model SD20p-1Vpp/TTL. Internal or external calibration for models SD20p-USB or RS232
  • Typical floor noise (1): Standard acquisition mode (10 samples/s): 0.035µm; Fast acquisition mode (80 samples/s): 0.1µm.
  • Resolution / Accuracy working limits (2): 0.01µm / 0.1µm
  • Power supply, model SD20p-1Vpp/TTL: 5 V ± 5%, bus-powered, 200mA maximum consumption
  • Power supply, model SD20p-RS232: 5 V ± 5%, powered by integrated auxiliary cable or bus-powered, 200mA maximum consumption
  • Power supply, model SD20p-USB: 5 V ± 5%, USB bus-powered, 200mA maximum consumption
  • Protection class: IP50, IEC 60529
  • Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) storage and 10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F) operational

(1) Typical value based on a standard ID air-gage with 3Pa/μm sensibility and 24-bit conversion mode. Considered floor noise with 99.7% (± 3σ) confidence interval and acquisition interval of 30 seconds.
(2) Typical value based on a standard ID air-gage with 3Pa/μm sensibility and correct construction gaps (linear range response). Please check product manual for technical details.

SD20p with Gage-Chek


  • Industrial high precision dimensional quality control process instrumentation
  • 100% Go/No Go quality control in floor shop
  • High density instrumentation
  • Industrial quality control application with mixed technologies requirements
  • Scientific data acquisition