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RVIT Sensor RVIT-15-120i Series

Image RVIT-15-120i

The RVIT-15-120i rotary transducers are available in a variety of versions which provide a range of supply and output configurations.

Calibrated output of 4-20 mA offer ideal flexibility for specialized OEM designs where unique power supply and interfacing requirements exist.

Other specialized ranges, internal regulation and custom calibrated outputs are available for special order. In addition, the non contact design of the RVIT provides virtually infinite rotational life and extremely high accuracy of ±0.25% FS.


  • Available measurement range: 0 to 120°
  • Power supply: 10 to 28Vdc
  • Output: 4-20mA (0.13mA/degree)
  • Linearity error: ±0.25%fs


  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Infinite resolution
  • Virtually infinite life
  • Excellent repeatability
  • 4-20mA output

Documents and Files

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RVDT RVIT-15-120i Series datasheet (English) 01-09-2016 282KB
R-Flex coupling system (English) 02-06-2015 335KB