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RVDT Sensor RSYN Series

Image RSYN

RSYNs offer enhanced tolerance to shock and vibration. Shock survival to 30g with an 11 ms half-sine form and vibration tolerance to 20g over 15 to 2000 Hz make these transducers the obvious choice where severe conditions are expected. RSYNs are also resistant to humidity and salt mist.

Excellent performance over a temperature range of -67° to 221°F (-55° to 105 °C) provides a significant advantage over comparable rotary sensors. RSYN angular position sensors are compact. They are available in two sizes: the RSYN-8-30 which is 0.750 inches (19.05 mm) in diameter, and the RSYN-11-30 which is 1.06 inches ( 26.92 mm) in diameter.

The linear a.c. output represents the rotor shaft angle position providing the user with exceptional resolution even over very small angular ranges. Both models offer the flexibility of six output leads to provide for a variety of connection schemes. Both models are factory calibrated over ±30°. They may be over ranged to ±35°, a total of 70° if necessary.


  • Available measurement range: ±30°
  • Excitation voltage: 7.5Vrms, 3kHz
  • Linearity error: ±0.5%fs


  • Rotary Valve Position for Process Industries
  • Position Feedback of Head Box Spinnerets for Paper or Plastic
  • Hydrostatic Transmissions for Heavy Off Road Vehicles
  • Rudder Position on Boats

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