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Piezo spiral wrapped coaxial cable

Image Piezo Spiral Wrapped Coaxial Cable

Piezo cable is another form of piezo polymer sensors. Designed as a coaxial cable, the Piezo polymer is the dielectric between the center core and the outer braid. When the cable is compressed or stretched, a charge or voltage is generated proportional to the stress.

Piezo cable has a number of advantages in certain applications. Due to its coaxial design, the cable is self-shielded, allowing its use in a high EMI environment. The piezo cable can be spliced to passive coax, using standard coax splice techniques. It is extremely rugged and will stand up to heavy loads. Its linear format makes it ideal for monitoring large areas.

In the cable construction, two narrow ribbons of PVDF film are helically wound around the inner conductor, which comprises 20 awg stranded silver-plated copper wire. The cable is then braided, and jacketed with an extruded high-density polyethylene.

The cable is available in short lengths (in multiples of 1 m), or as single cut lengths wound on spools.


  • Passive, long length sensor
  • Very tough, water resistant and flexible
  • Temperature stability to 85°C
  • Self-shielded coaxial construction
  • High voltage response
  • Low impedance per unit length
  • Field repairable
  • Simplified interconnections


  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Safety and security fencing
  • Door edge/vehicle bumper switch
  • Cable tampering detector
  • Weather sensing/rain/hail
  • Structural NDT/strain/vibration
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Patient mattress monitor
  • Sports scoring/foul line