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LVDT Sensor PCA-375 Series

Image PCA-375

The New PCA-375 Series Gage Head is based on the MHR series of LVDTs.

The modified MHR has an extended case and spring-loaded plunger. The design goals were simplicity and high reliability with low cost.

This goal was met by implementing a plain bronze bearing and onepiece plunger. The entire gage head consist of the addition of four extra parts, to the basic LVDT.

The result is a new family of economy gage heads with measurement ranges from ± 0.1-inch to ± 1.0-inches. The 3/8th. Inch diameter is ideal for high density gaging applications.

The PCA-375 series can be installed in your application with standard dial indicator mounting hardware.

Typically, LVDT gage heads with ± 1 inch measuring ranges are large in diameter, (0.75”), and expensive. The PCA-375 series fills the gap between the low cost economy devices, such as the PCA-116 series and the high-end, hermetically sealed GCA, precision series. The PCA-375 series gage head is suitable for most in process and factory floor SPC applications.


  • Small Diameter 0.375” Form Factor
  • IP-65 Cable Exit
  • Heavy Duty Return Spring
  • Accepts Industry Standard Contact Tips
  • 2.5 to 10.0 kHz Excitation


  • High Density Gaging Fixtures
  • Resistance Weld Verification
  • Pressing Applications
  • X-Y Stage Position Feedback
  • Rough Casting Inspection