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Digital indicator and controller MD2004 Series

Image MD2004

The MD2004 Series digital indicators and controllers are a high precision equipments designed for dimensional quality control in high volume production lines. It is compatible with virtually any LVDT/HBT or plug gauge sensor.

It is available up to 4 input channels with automatic setup switch based on sensor activity detection.

MD2004 has an integrated 24-bit A/D converter and high precision signal conditioning circuit for full scale, continuous read and maximum resolution of 0.0001mm, without the need of scale selection or reduction of measuring range.

Featuring auto-calibration, 10-bit I/O interface (for PLC integration) and RS232 interface for digital data acquisition for SPC systems, the MD2004 is an advanced tool for productivity increase and 100% quality assurance.

Available with standard software (1 characteristic and counters), DualHead software (2 simultaneous characteristics) or special versions, custom made.


  • Intuitive navigation based on structured menus
  • Digital output signals for automatic systems control and part selection
  • Advanced LVDT/HBT sensor signal conditioner
  • Integrated counter for inspected parts and approved/reproved counts
  • RS232 digital interface for data acquisition
  • Compatible with LVDT/HBT transducers from many manufacturers
  • Auto-calibration function, eliminating any external pot adjustment by the user
  • Multiple firmware versions, including standard and dual-head. The dual-head version allows simultaneous read of two products, ideal for high speed automated applications.