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Custom Measurement Air Gauge Metrolog MAS1560921

Image MAS1560921

The MAS1560921 measuring device is an example of a compressed air-based measuring system application for high precision outer diameter inspection.

Its design, associated with the M20 measuring column, allows an almost instantaneous observation of dimensional deviations in the order of 0.0001mm, ideal for 100% quality control in series production lines. The construction using carbide reinforcements and precision prism allows quick insertion and positioning of the part.

The air-electronic measurement system allows to work in a aggressive environments, with the presence of contaminants (oil, cutting fluid, water), with no impact on the accuracy of the measurements. The absence of moving parts results in high robustness and long-term stability.

The device concept can be applied to different geometries and tolerances, depending on the specificity of each part. Please contact us to discuss your application.


  • 18.009mm outer diameter inspection, with a process tolerance of ±0.003mm
  • Design foreseeing easy insertion and positioning of the part
  • Tungsten carbide reinforcements for continuous work in continuous production lines
  • Outer diameter measurement along the entire length of the part, including narrow tracks present
  • Zero referencing and calibration capability in an uncontrolled temperature environment

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