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Measurement Columns M20P Series

Image M20P

The M20 Series offers a wide range of options and features for dimensional quality control in high volume production lines.

The M20-1P and M20-2P models have 1 or 2 input channels for air gages, respectively. The input channels are compatible air gages from EdmundsGages, Marposs, Tesa, Federal, and many other manufacturers.

All models have a high contrast LCD display (2 lines, 16 characters per line), a 101 segment multicolor led bargraph, 6 auxiliary led indications, industrial grade membrane panel, RS232/USB communication interfaces and a digital I/O port (10-bit I/O) for industrial automation.


  • High ruggedness and ease to use. Exceptional electronic and mechanical ruggedness.
  • Integrated data acquisition with support to communicate with commercial SPC software.
  • Direct readout of instantaneous measure, max, min, tir and mean values, for inspection of profile, orientation, run out or position tolerances, without need of complex analysis by the user
  • Simultaneous display of readouts in a high contrast LCD display and 101 segments multicolor led bargraph, allowing ease detection of dimensional run outs or part rejection
  • Independent non-volatile setup up to 100 products (with processing up to 4 transducers on each setup), making the setup process quick and ease even in high diversity part production lines.
  • Capable of direct processing for the following units: micrometer, millimeter, centimeter, meter, inch, mils, radian, miliradian, milidegree, degree, milligram, gram, kilogram, ton, kgf, lbf and N (application dependent)
  • Auto detection and setup switch based on sensor signal
  • Digital input filters with adjustable cut frequency
  • Flexible bargraph visualization modes, with option for rollout, zoom-out, static display and center bar
  • Dual-head feature, allowing two independent measurements to run simultaneously with split bargraph and display visualization
  • RS232C and USB communication interfaces for easy data acquisition or connection with commercial SPC software
  • Parallel I/O interface (10-bit) for PLC connection or other automation signaling
  • 5 user configurable key