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M20-EPS fusion strength column tester

Image M20-EPS

The M20-EPS measurement column is a complete solution for inspection of the fusion strength index of technical parts made of expanded polystyrene and other low density expanded thermoplastics.

The fusion strength index of expanded polystyrene parts and other low density expanded thermoplastics, represents the local percentage of cells that effectively fused to the adjacent cells. This index is function of many manufacturing variables and part geometry. The cell structure anisotropy is also a contributing factor to local variations of this index.

The fusion strength index may be used to indirectly evaluate manufacturing process variables and also as an objective value, allowing the user to quickly categorize parts based on previous defined criteria.

Often pilot parts are subjected to tests of mechanical strength, compression resistance, among others, and have its local fusion strength index evaluated where minimum and maximum tolerance levels are defined for further use in the approval of batch production.

THe M20-EPS measurement column uses air-electronic technology to evaluate the fusion strength index in expanded thermoplastics. Sophisticated signal conditioning of the input signal guarantee high stability and measure repeatability. The equipment uses two reference points (free air escape and full air block) to self calibrate and evaluate the material under test. During the usual measurement process the needle sensor is inserted into the material and the equipment detects the air flow restriction due to the material cell structure, returning an index from 0% (minimum air restriction) to 100% (full air restriction). Technical EPS parts usually show a local fusion strength index over 60%.

This models has a high contrast LCD display (2 lines, 16 characters per line), a 101 segment multicolor led bargraph, 6 auxiliary led indications, industrial grade membrane panel, RS232/USB communication interfaces and a digital I/O port (10-bit I/O) for industrial automation.


  • High ruggedness and ease to use. Exceptional electronic and mechanical ruggedness.
  • Integrated data acquisition with support to communicate with commercial SPC software.
  • Direct readout of instantaneous fusion strength index, mean index value and standard value deviation, without need of complex analysis by the user
  • Simultaneous display of readouts in a high contrast LCD display and 101 segments multicolor led bargraph, allowing ease detection of index run outs or part rejection
  • Independent non-volatile setup up to 100 products (with processing up to 4 transducers on each setup), making the setup process quick and ease even in high diversity part production lines.
  • Digital input filters with adjustable cut frequency
  • Flexible bargraph visualization modes, with option for rollout, zoom-out, static display and center bar
  • RS232C and USB communication interfaces for easy data acquisition or connection with commercial SPC software
  • Parallel I/O interface (10-bit) for PLC connection or other automation signaling
  • 5 user configurable key