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LVDT Sensor M-12 Series

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Schaevitz® Sensors is introducing the M-12 series layer wound LVDT.

Because of quantum improvements in coil winding technology, Schaevitz is able to offer premium LVDT performance at standard LVDT pricing.

The M-12 series LVDT is wound on a ribless bobbin providing the smooth transfer function required for the most demanding materials testing and position feedback applications.

Precision distribution, tapered layer windings provide excellent stroke to length ratio, with no sacrifice in sensor linearity.

A constant sum of the secondaries, throughout the linear range, insures compatibility with ratiometric temperature compensation signal conditioning schemes.

The new M-12 series coil design has been optimized to provide the best possible temperature coefficient of sensitivity, while maintaining suitability for operation with extended cable lengths.

A seamless 400 series stainless steel case provides magnetic shielding for the noisiest electrical environments. Vacuum coil impregnation and encapsulation ensure long term stability in the most rigorous, high vibration applications.


  • Excellent Stroke To Length Ratio
  • Smooth Transfer Function
  • Constant Sum Of Secondaries
  • Typical T/C 150 PPM/Degree C. At 2.5 to 5.0 kHz
  • Shielded Stainless Steel Case
  • ±10 to ± 100 mm Strokes


  • Materials Testing Extensometers
  • Cylinder Position Feedback
  • Roller Gap Positioning
  • Absolute X-Y Stage Position
  • Automotive Suspension Testing
  • Hydraulic Spool Valve Position Feedback
  • Flight Simulators
  • Aircraft Flight Control Feedback