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Linear potentiometer LP-22 Series

Image LP-22

The LP-22 series linear potentiometer is a cost effect solution for factory automation linear position sensing applications like robotic motion control, X-Y table position feedback, flow control valve position, suspension travel, press and die position, injection molding machines, and mil/aero test stand applications.

This 3-wire resistive film sensor is available in stroke lengths from 25 to 300 mm, with a maximun linearity error of 0.1% of full scale. The sensor is provided with swivel rod eyes at each end for self-alignment and easy mounting.

A 22 mm diameter anodized aluminum housing rated IP-64 protects the unit from airborne contaminants, and the sensor is rugged enough to withstand the typical shock and vibration environments of industrial shop floors.


  • Full ranges from 25 to 300 mm (1 to 12 inches)
  • Self-aligning swivel rod eyes on both ends
  • 1 m long, 3-conductor cable
  • 22 mm OD anodized aluminum housing


  • Factory Automation
  • Robotic Motion Control
  • X/Y Table position feedback
  • Mil/aero test stands

Order information

LP-22-025LP-22 Series potentiometer, 25mm range, 1kohm resistance
LP-22-050LP-22 Series potentiometer, 50mm range, 2kohm resistance
LP-22-100LP-22 Series potentiometer, 100mm range, 4kohm resistance
LP-22-150LP-22 Series potentiometer, 150mm range, 5kohm resistance
LP-22-200LP-22 Series potentiometer, 200mm range, 5kohm resistance
LP-22-250LP-22 Series potentiometer, 250mm range, 5kohm resistance
LP-22-300LP-22 Series potentiometer, 300mm range, 5kohm resistance

(*) Check product documentation for other available configurations.

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