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LCD20 strain gauge conditioner

Image LCD20

The LCD20 is an intelligent strain gauge bridge amplifier with a compact body, stackable microprocessor based unit specifically designed to control and monitor process applications. Flexible connection to most load cells, pressure or strain gauges over a wide range of sensitivities.

The unit provides isolated current 4-20mA and voltage 0-10V analogue outputs and two digital inputs. Two set point relays can be configured to set thresholds such as net, gross, peak and valley.

Powered from a wide ranging DC supply, the DIN rail amplifier is supplied with 2 part screw connectors for ease of installation. Suitable for strain gauges and other ratiometric sensors and will support 6 wire input to compensate for barrier and cable losses.

Factory calibrated to mV/V and supporting 10 point user calibration to desired engineering units.

Configuration options via handheld programmer or PC Toolkit software. The analogue outputs and relays interface to existing acquisition and control systems making this unit an ideal partner for any integrated instrumentation system.


  • 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs
  • 2 configurable relay outputs
  • 2 configurable digital inputs
  • 10 point linearization
  • 6 wire load cell connection to compensate for barrier and cable losses
  • Programable via a handheld unit or using a PC
  • Lockable Features prevents loss of device settings through user misuse
  • Configuration can be saved and restored for security of setup
  • IP20 rated enclosure dimensions 120 x 112 x 23 mm


  • Industrial automation
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Educational Environments
  • R&D
  • Test & Measurement