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LVDT Sensor LBB Series

Image LBB

The Linear Ball Bearing (LBB) series of dimensional gaging probes is engineered for highly precise and repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology applications.

LBB within the gaging probe minimize radial play and friction for ultra-precise measurement.

Bearing assemblies utilize two circumferential rows of miniature balls held in position by a retainer.

The balls ride on a non-rotating plunger hardened to Rockwell 65, hard-chromed plated and precision ground for optimal repeatability and resistance to brinnelling. the contact end of the plunger has a removable tungsten carbide ball tip, with an AGD standard 4-48 UNF-2A threading.

Plunger and bearings are enclosed in a cylindrical housing, hand-honed and fit to the ball bearing assembly.

Precision fitting provides for exceptional gage head repeatability.

With the bearings and housing essentially matched in hardness, the plungers can better tolerate side loads for a longer unit life..


  • AC-operated
  • Linear Ball Bearing Assemblies
  • Removable Tungsten Carbide Contact Tip for Long-term Reliability and Interchangeability
  • Double-shielded LVDT for Greater Protection from Effects of Magnetic Materials
  • Polyurethan-jacketed Cable Enhances Flexibility and Improves Chemical Resistance
  • Standard Viton Boot for Greater Resistance to Chemicals and High Temperatures


  • Point-of-Manufacture status of production process standards
  • On-line Inspection of Automobile Bodies
  • Process Feedback for Numberically-Controlled Machine Tools
  • Automated Data Collection For Factory SPC
  • Robotics