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Signal acquisition system K20-16E

Image K20-16E

Metrolog K20-16E is a compact signal acquisition system ideal for multi-point test, online monitoring of complex industrial processes and high density data acquisition.

With 16 input channels for unipolar (0-10VDC) or bipolar (±10VDC) DC voltage signals and USB, RS232 and I/O interfaces, the K20-16E allows quick and easy data acquisition.


  • 16 input channels (mini-DIN4 connectors)
  • Compatible with LVDT linear displacement sensors with single or symmetrical DC output, plug gauges, potentiometric sensors, pressure transducers with amplified voltage or current output, load-cells, temperature sensors, compatible voltage signal from external electronic circuits.
  • Signal acquisition system with thermal and electronic drift compensation. ΔΣ 24-bit A/D converter with high precision voltage reference and digital input filter (10Hz cutoff frequency).
  • Measuring range: -10VDC to + 10VDC with over/under voltage protection.
  • Auxiliary power supply for sensors: -15VDC and +15VDC (30mA max per channel)
  • Effective resolution: 0.2 mV (T=0.1s 3σ); 0.1 mV (T=1s 3σ); 0.04 mV (T=10s 3σ); 0.025 mV (T=25s 3σ)
  • Offset error (maximum): 1.5 mV (from internal high precision voltage reference); 0.05 mV (between channels)
  • Absolute accuracy / linearity: 0.01%fe / 0.05%fe
  • Available interfaces: Serial asynchronous RS232C (DB9F connector), USB 1.1 (with device driver for serial port virtualization), parallel 10-bit, open-collector photo-coupled outputs (5-24V, 50mA max) and photo-coupled inputs (5-24V);
  • Bundled Metrolog SIAD data acquisition and visualization software. Open communication protocol with detailed information for ease integration with other software or special applications development. Standard ASCII and binary protocols available.
  • Communication rate: 160 reads/s maximum (shared by all channels)
  • Power supply: 90~240VAC, 50~60Hz, 15VAMax
  • IP53 protection grade, IEC 60529 (IP43 when used in environments with conductive dust)
  • Operating temperature: 0 up to +45ºC (+32 up to +113ºF)
  • Dimensions: 88 x 168 x 172 mm (2.5kg)