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Tilt Sensor INS 110 Series

Image INS 110

The INS 110 Series feature double axis tilt sensor with digital output. The sensor have 4 set ranges selectable by the user.

The INS 110 can be ordered with range up to ±90°. The digital output is a PNP open collector or relay, allowing easy integration with other automation components.

Featuring IP67 protection grade and robust enclosure, the INS 110 is a good choice for machinery safety systems.


  • Two axes (XY) sensor
  • Tilt measurement up to ±90°
  • 4 different set options, user selectable
  • Programmable Switching output (300 mA max.)
  • PNP Open Collector or relay output type
  • High precision ±0.15°
  • Ability to specify the 0° point
  • Easy setup
  • IP67 protection class
  • Small and robust metal body
  • Compact structure


  • Crane systems
  • Fire trucks
  • In vehicles, angle measurement in many parts such as pedal, steering, gearbox, motor shaft
  • On-Vehicle Equipment
  • Machine and Automation Applications
  • Navigation
  • Robotic systems
  • Automation

Order information

Model Sensor Type Number
of axis
Range (*) Supply Output Electrical
E- Tilt 02- Two axis N1- standard 4 setup PP- 12~24VDC OCP- PNP Open collector 3M- 3 meter cable (standard)
RLY- Relay output S13- M12 Socket 5 pin

(*) Standard 4 setups are (A) X=±2° and Y=±3°; (B) X=±1.5° and Y=±1.5°; (C) X=±1.5° and Y=±3°; (D) X=±2° and Y=±2°.
Custom setups can be ordered based on aplication requirements.

Documents and Files

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Tilt sensors INS110 Series datasheet (English) 08-09-2020 1011KB
Tilt sensors INS110 Series user manual (English) 08-09-2020 1.1MB