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  • Non-contact measurement
    Equipments and solutions for non-contact dimensional inspection
    based on air-electronic principle. Sub-micron measurement capability with
    high accuracy and repeatability.
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  • Linear position measurement
    High precision LVIT, LVDT and potentiometer displacement sensors up to 940 mm range.
    Repeatability from 0.0001 mm and non-linearity from 0.05%fs.
    Gage head, captive core and open core body options.
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  • Wireless
    Remote high accuracy data acquisition from a wide range of sensor types.
    Wireless range up to 1600 meters, with battery life of up to 5 years.
    Simple setup, 2.4GHz worldwide license free frequency.
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  • Inclinometers
    Monoaxial and biaxial tilt sensors. Measurement range from ±0.25° to ±180°.
    Analog (pot, AC, DC, 4-20mA) and digital (RS232, SPI, PWM, CAN, USB) outputs available.
    OEM, laboratory and industrial applications.
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  • Laser Projectors
    Point, line and cross laser projection.
    Red, green and blue lasers, up to 40mW.
    Stationary and servo actuated models.
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  • P10 Smart Valve
    Innovative solution for compressed air saving

    Compatible with air-electronic gauges.
    Fully integrated solution.
    Simple installation.
    Flexible settings.
    Air block by user inactivity.
    Compatible with various sensors types.
    Rugged construction and long service life.

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Welcome to Metrolog Innovative Measurement Systems Solutions

Metrolog researches, develops and manufactures equipments and solutions for many measurement applications. With 35 years of experience, we offer a wide range of solutions for dimensional quality control and sensors for many industrial and academic applications.

Our products are present in customers all over the world, providing solutions for the segments of auto parts manufacturing, automotive assemblers, pulp and paper processing, white goods manufacturing, power generation, aerospace industry, among others. Research groups in several universities also apply our solutions for the validation of new techniques and accurate observation of the most different phenomena.