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LVDT Sensor HCA-RA Series

Image HCA-RA

HCA-RA right angle series LVDTs are tungsten-inert gas (TIG) welded for hermetic sealing with an easy to install radial connector termination.

A design improvement to the standard HCA series, the HCA-RA has a through bore design and a right angle connection for applications where product length is an issue.

The HCA-RA series can withstand up to 1000psi of external pressure.

The through bore design stops debris from being trapped inside the body. The HCA-RA radial connector mount saves space not only in the unit length, but also in the mating connector and cable bending radius.


  • Radial Connection
  • Through Bore LVDT Body
  • Hermetically Sealed Welded Housing Suitable for Hostile Environments
  • Calibration Certificate Supplied with All Models
  • Compatible with Schaevitz Signal Conditioners
  • High Temperature (220degC) Available- Consult Factory


  • Turbine Valve Position
  • Vertically Mounted Applications
  • Submersible with Appropriate Connector