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LVDT Sensor HC-485 Series

Image HC-485

The NEW HC485 DigiSense™ Displacement Sensor is available in seven bipolar measurement ranges, with standard strokes from ± .050 inches to ± 3.0 inches.

Operating on a single ended 8.5 to 30.0 volt dc. input and a two-wire addressable RS-485 output, the HC485 is ideally suited to factory automation applications.

Direct digital output eliminates the need for expensive and error prone analog to digital conversion. The analog sensor output is scaled into calibrated engineering units, by the internal microprocessor, using factory computed conversion tables, thus providing a traceable measurement without need of an on-site calibration.

A certificate of calibration is shipped with every sensor.

Internal MIN, MAX and TIR functions store peak and valley readings at maximum up-date rates to deliver the information to the host, on demand.

An internal tare or zero function allows unipolar or bipolar output, as the application dictates.

The HC485 digital output LVDT is packaged in a rugged hermetically sealed stainless steel tube, suitable for use in the most demanding factory floor environments.

A six-pin MS style bayonet connector is welded to the lead side of the LVDT, for ease of termination. Mating connectors are supplied upon request.


  • Up To 32 Sensors On One 2-Wire Network
  • Interchangeability Without Calibration
  • 8.5 to 30 V dc. Operation
  • Hermetically Sealed Design
  • MOD-Bus ASCII & RTU Output
  • Factory Calibrated Inch or Millimeter User Selectable Output
  • Digital Programmable Filtering
  • Built-in Tare & Un-Tare
  • Built-in Min / Max Function
  • Velocity Output Inches/mm per sec.


  • Process Control
  • Valve Position Feedback
  • Roller Gap
  • Automated Test Systems