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LVDT Sensor GCA Series

Image GCA

GCA Series gage head with stainless steel construction enables the performs in environments containing moisture, dirt and other contaminants.

Electronic components are hermetically sealed for added protection against hostile conditions.

These are heavy duty, long stroke units with ranges up to ±2.0" (50mm). Maximum spring force is typically 8 oz (226.8g), dependent upon probe position.

The working end or probe has a removable chrome plated, hardened tool steel tip threaded to the probe with a 4-48 UNF-2A threading. Schaevitz® replacement and alternate contact tips are available.

Tips are also interchangeable with AGD dial indicator tips. Internal construction prevents the core and shaft from rotating as they move longitudinally.

Units terminating into connectors allow for easy cable replacement if damage should occur. Installation and adjustment are facilitated by external threading; locknuts are provided.


  • All-welded Construction
  • Resistant to Harsh Environments
  • MS-type Connector
  • Electronics Hermetically Sealed
  • Calibration Certificate Supplied with Every Gage Head
  • Compatible with All Schaevitz® Signal Conditioners
  • Special Contact Tips


  • In-Process Measurements to Close Loop with PLC or CNC Controller
  • Environments Requiring Hermetically Sealed Transducers
  • High Temperatures (300°F for AC units)