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Electronic plug gauges - DS20 Series

Image DS20

Metrolog DS20 Plug Gauge Series was developed for high precision measurement of inner blind and thru hole diameters.

Its rugged construction allows use on floor shops where continuous dimensional inspection is required.

Its design has a mechanical gauge (available models , "D" and "FB") that converts the small tip radial movements into axial movements, an integrated high sensibility LVDT transducer that converts mechanical movements into electric signals, and a anodized casing.

The electrical connection between DS20 Gauges and a measurement equipment, for example a M20S Series Column, is done by using a replaceable high quality cable. This design allows quick faulty cable replacement by the user with minimum stop time.

DS20 Gauges can be manufactured with diameters from 2.98mm up to 270mm, and have a measuring range from 0.1mm up to 0.2mm (size dependent).

Its high precision construction and high sensibility LVDT transducer results in repeatability of 0.001mm and linearity error lower then 0.0005mm.

Quick cable connection is available thought an integrated SV50 connector. This design allows quick replacement of faulty cables with minimum operator intervention.

Modular design allows easy maintenance, important factor for minimum stop times.


  • Ideal for inline inspection of blind and thru hole diameters
  • Available from 2.98mm up to 270mm
  • Total measuring range of 0.1mm up to 0.2mm (size dependent)
  • Repeatability of 0.001mm and non-linearity lower than 0.0005mm
  • Mechanical features: carbide tips (1650 HV), chrome treated spindle (1000 HV)
  • Optional: ceramic tips, ruby tips, diamond tips, plastic tips
  • Estimated lifetime: 1.000.000 cicles (may vary depending on the surface roughness)
  • Compatible with all Metrolog digital indicators and electronic columns
  • Min/Max masters discs required for calibration.