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LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner DR7AC

Image DR7AC

DR7AC is a conditioning module for Industrial applications requiring the DIN standard rail mount, form factor.

The DR7AC LVDT / RVDT conditioner provides everything you will need for interfacing AC powered linear differential transformers, to your industrial position control system.

The DR7AC is designed with maximum sensor / system compatibility in mind. A wide range combination of gains, drive voltages and oscillator frequencies insure compatibility with virtually all LVDT and RVDT type sensors. The DR7AC provides several different input / output options, to accommodate varying PLC analog I/O requirements.

Single-ended voltage outputs are possible, with the use of 100% zero suppression, to maximize the sensor stroke utilization while simplifying programming, (no need to deal with sign). Bipolar voltage output will maximize A/D bit usage, with most PLC analog input modules, for applications requiring highest resolution.

The 4-20 mA current output is most useful for applications requiring long signal runs to the PLC, where noise immunity may be an issue. The 4-20 loop is driven by an internal loop supply, provided by the DR7AC.


  • Standard DIN Rail Form Factor
  • 9 To 36 Volt DC Operation
  • Voltage And Current Output Signals
  • Status LEDs For Power & Loop Integrity
  • 3 and 5kHz Sensor Excitation
  • Front Mounted Zero and Span Controls
  • 4-Wire Hook-Up
  • Multiple LVDT Master / Slave Capability
  • Compatible With Four, Five or Six-Wire LVDTs


  • Gas and Steam Turbine Control Systems
  • Paper Head Box Control
  • Automotive Test Track Instrumentation
  • Reeler / De-reeler Control Systems
  • Bridge Deflection Testing
  • Remote Monitoring Of Road
  • Surface Expansion / Compression
  • Industrial Conveyor Belt Tension