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LVDT Sensor DC-EC Series

Image DC-EC

The DC–EC AccuSens™ Series incorporates a unique monolithic chip combined with a computer-designed AC LVDT to achieve premium performance.

The ratiometric design of the monolithic circuitry compensates for power supply deviations for continuously stable operation.

Unaffected by input variations, the transducer provides highly accurate, repeatable measurement. Innovative manufacturing techniques further enhance the AccuSens operation and cost efficiency.

Micro-miniature components used in the construction of each unit are selected for maximum stability. Vacuum encapsulation of all elements produces an assembly tolerant to shock, vibration and other forms of physical abuse. Double magnetic shielding protects against stray electrical fields.


  • Linearity 0.25% of FS or better
  • CE certified
  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Calibration certificates supplied with all models


  • General
  • Academic instrumentation