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Inclinometer D Series

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D-Series Inclinometer features Measurement Specialties’ new generation of proprietary tilt sensing technology.

Insensitive to humidity and stray capacitance, this differential conductive sensor provides excellent zero repeatability and hysteresis free resolution.

The D-Series is housed in a robust IP-67/68 rated aluminum can.

Unlike typical glass vile electrolytic sensors, the rugged hermetically sealed SMT ceramic sensors employed in the D-Series are designed to withstand the extreme shock and vibration normally associated with factory floor environments. Individual sensors for each axis provide maximum accuracy while minimizing cross-axis errors.

A microprocessor is used to correct temperature and linearity errors for optimal accuracy over the full operating temperature range.

Each inclinometer is supplied with a calibration certificate indicating the performance of the individual unit purchased. The D-Series inclinometers are supplied in three factory calibrated ranges of ±5, ±15 and ±30 degrees.

Application software is supplied which allows the user to perform custom calibrations. Baud rate, sampling rate and zero are also programmable utilizing the supplied software.

Output options include analog, digital or switching signals. The D-Series is designed to meet all European Union EMI, ESD and RFI standards for industrial environments.


  • High accuracy
  • Robust metal housing, IP 67/68
  • High resolution
  • EMC protected
  • CE approved
  • Rugged M12 male connector
  • Programmable digital filtering to minimize influences from shock and vibration
  • Programmable zero point, baud rate and output rate.


  • Mobile and stationary cranes
  • Lift platforms
  • Building control
  • Weighing systems
  • Truck chassis levelling
  • Vehicle applications
  • Road construction machines
  • Drilling machines