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Position sensors AWP 522 series

Image AWP522

The AWP522 series are wire potentiometric position transducers that turn a linear motion into a resistance variation. They are made of a precision rotating potentiometer operated by a, winding or unwinding, stainless steel wire.

They are offered with dif ferent stroke lengths, up to 22 meters, and can be used in many different applications hydraulic cylinders, fact ory automation, medical devices, structural testing, robotics and main industrial machinery.


  • Measurement length from 13000 mm up to 22000 mm
  • Potentiometric, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and CANopen output options
  • High strength stainless steel wire
  • 2 m/s maximum speed
  • 12N retraction force
  • Shock and Vibration resistant
  • Easy mounting with small body design
  • IP67 protection class


  • Automatic shutter systems
  • Measurement of linear motion in cranes
  • Cylindrical, hydraulic or pneumatic piston systems
  • Woodworking machines
  • Glass and marble machines
  • Manufacturing machines

Order information

Model Stroke lenght (mm) Resistance Electrical Termination Cable or socket direction Output signal Output Type
  13000- 13 meters 5K- 5kohms (standard) 3M- integrated 3 meters cable (standard) Y- From side (no code)- Potentiometric (no code)- Single output
14000- 14 meters 10K- 10kohms 5M- integrated 5 meters cable V- 0-10VDC voltage DUAL- Redudant output
15000- 15 meters 10M- integrated 10 meters cable A- 4-20mA current
16000- 16 meters S13F- M12 5 pin female socket C- CANopen
17000- 17 meters S13M- M12 5 pin male socket
18000- 18 meters S13FM- M12 5 pin female + M12 5 pin male socket
19000- 19 meters
20000- 20 meters
21000- 21 meters
22000- 22 meters

Documents and Files

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AWP522 Series cable-actuated sensors datasheet (English) 24/03/2021 1.2MB