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0729-1757-99 inclinometer

Image 0729-1757-99

The Fredericks Programmable Tilt Switch is a direct replacement for electromechanical-type level sensors.

This highly robust and compact unit combines Fredericks' field-proven single Axis TrueTiltTM sensor technology with a proprietary embedded microcontroller containing signal conditioning circuitry for accurate, repeatable, and safe tilt options.

This design provides the user with an all-electronic switch solution with no moving parts.

The assembly can be easily custom configured for a wide variety of angle range trip points.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 4.5 to 28 VDC
  • Output: open-collector
  • Output Delay: 0,5 seconds *
  • Trip Angle: 1 to 45 degrees
  • Repeatability: 0.1 degrees
  • Hystersis: 1 degrees (max)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C


  • Vehicle Tip- Over Protection/ Warning
  • Alarm System Activation
  • Structural Threshold Monitoring
  • Safety Cut off switch

Documents and Files

File Date Size
Inclinometer 0729-1757-99 datasheet (English) 21-08-2015 375KB
Inclinometer 0729-1757-99 instruction manual (English) 21-08-2015 544KB